House Swap Holidays!

Why pay for expensive hotels when you can swap your house on your next vacation and stay for free! Travel more for less, try house swapping for your next vacation. Not only do you save a lot of money, but with an exchange holiday you also live like a local and experience your holiday in a whole new way. Here’s how it works. Continue reading

Damp Basement? Here are the DOs and DON’Ts

If you’ve got a damp, smelly, unpleasant basement that you would like to get better use out of, here are some simple, cheap, green tips for creating a usable and pleasant basement. This article isn’t for people wanting to waterproof and remodel a basement into a living space. It’s not about tanking and waterproof membranes. That’s for the professionals. This about some simple ways you can make you basement a welcoming place to do your laundry, use as a utility space and store appropriate things. Continue reading

3 Tips for Getting on the Savings Bandwagon

It’s 2010 and we’re all geared up for a great year. As we come out of what we hope will be the worst recession of our lifetime, most of us are cautiously optimistic about recovery. The days of buying on credit are over and saving money is back in fashion. Here are 3 tips for getting on the savings bandwagon: Continue reading

January Sales – Save Money on Your Work Wardrobe

If you’re not out in the January Sales putting together your work wardrobe for 2010, your missing a trick. It takes discipline not to get drawn into impulse buying, but now is definitely the time to purchase those brands that you would pay full price for. I was out on the first day of the sales and found a great dress for semi formal work events and two pairs of shoes. I saved over Continue reading

A great last minute business trip to London

Last week I had to go to London for work and realized only a day before my trip that I had to stay overnight. I quickly got to work searching for a hotel. Most of my usual haunts were booked up and I was nervous about ending up somewhere grim. For me there is nothing worse than a tatty noisy overpriced room in London.   I was also getting flu symptoms so was not looking forward to this trip at all. Usually, I try to get a 4 or 5 star hotel for the price of a 3 star, but I had cruised a bunch of websites with little joy until I landed on I stumbled across the Continue reading